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Activated carbon

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            Steam activated carbon, the material which is mainly unshaped carbon element, has a wide range of functionality because of its porous structure and large surface area formed during stage of inner activation.Under the electron lens, a grain of activated carbon looks like an ant net; gross surface area of activated carbon’s 0.5kg is even larger than a football yard. Accordingly, absorption capacity of steam activated carbon is strong and well-retaining to gas, liquid and other organic molecules.
            Additionally, with the hardness nature of natural grain, high mechanical endurance, low ash content, less regenerative loss, steam activated carbon is effective in use.            The quality of product is strictly inspected during activation process by automatic and semi-automatic equipment which can absolutely meet customer’s requirements on demand.

       Target Customers: 

            + Industry of food and agro-product processing
            + Industry of food processing
            + Manufacture of military anti-toxic masks
            + Exploitation of mineral, gold refinery, steel refinery
            + Manufacturing industry of chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals
            + Purification of drinking water, tap water, industrial waste water and civilian water.
      Product Quality-Specifications:

              Physical Features
                     - Shape:                     Unshaped
                     - Color:                       Typical black
                     - Water solubility:         Nil
                     - Solvent solubility:       Nil
                     - Moisture:                     5% max
                     - Ash:                            3% max
                     - Hardness:                  95% min
                     - PH:                           7-11
                     - Ignition point:            Above 450oC
                     - Particle size:              3x6, 4x8, 8x20
                    - Iodine adsorption ( mg/g ) :    1.050 – 1.200 (mg/g)

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Activated carbon   

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