About Us

About Us

"MINH VIETNAM Co., Ltd" specialized in providing high quality products made from coconut like coconut Charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, briquettes ... are domestic and foreign customers interested.
Its manufacturing plants are located in Ben Tre VIETNAM, Ho Chi Minh City to 100km to the west, where the production area and the country's biggest coconut (There are about 49 000 ha of coconut, for output on left 360 million per year).
MINH VIETNAM provide products such as:
- Charcoal husk (100% natural).
- Coconut Charcoal (100% natural).
- Coal users and coal package.
- Activated Carbon.
- Acne pressed coconut trees.
- Coir.
(The product can be produced all sizes depending on customer requirements).
VIETNAM their products are being provided mainly for the Korean market, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore.
MINH VIETNAM always put the trust on the top. With Minh VIETNAM, you are completely assured of quality products with competitive prices.




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