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Coconut mulch  made from coconut shell layer of the heart. Humus is based on natural-product of coconut shell. For many years it was either thrown away or pile up in the processing plant. Since 1990 the garden was made to create a test soils used in the cultivation of fresh vegetables etc ... They found out that renewable resources are not only environmentally friendly but also help the development of vegetable resources effectively.

Humus is used coconut viable alternative to other materials, but compared with how other products use? Humus coconut water for large, and it is effective for organizations excess water. When tested with wood-based mulch it has been shown to significantly reduce the humidity and temperature fluctuations. Like other materials, it prevents weed growth. This is because the fibers that contain lignin, which takes a long time to decay. Coconut mulch is relatively porous and allow good air flow of the water.
One of the unique benefits of coconut mulch unlike other products, Humus coconut cake is pressed into a compact package, convenient for cultivation. The coconut cake mulch can be used immediately - just add water. Coconut mulch can store for a long time without any worries about growing mushrooms.
coconut mulch  is better than other types of soil biology for plant life. It is acidic in nature, fine for most vegetables. Coconut mulch is a good source of nutrients, especially potassium. It can reduce nitrogen levels, although the presence of organic material such as compost will help balance the nitrogen.
Specification: 30x30x15 cm, weight 5kg/vien
Found to be high on the pallet: 168vien/palet, weight 840kg/palet
- 24 pallets / container 40 ", weighing 20.160 tons

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