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Finding new energy sources to replace are being conducted around the world. Biomass from agriculture, especially rice husk, rice husk energy is quite promising because Vietnam is the leading rice producers in Asia and good for the environment.
Coal is the process of improving rice husk husk discrete low compression with high compression ratio to coal and concentrate the energy. Rice husk coal as fuel instead of coal, wood (wood), gas, fuel oil for industrial boilers and furnaces to heat. Rice husk coal unlike other energy sources, they are renewable fuel sources in nature, environmentally friendly, non polluting and economical. The process of renovating them into fuel and no pollution. 100% natural.

Each year in Vietnam there are millions of tons of discarded husks are not used. The store or transport this material because they are too difficult and disjointed. We can produce a new energy source by improving them into charcoal husk with high compression without any binder that.
Rice husk coal is good alternative to coal, lignite, wood, gas, fuel oil, and they have many advantages:
- Cheap.
- Oil, coal, lignite, can only be used once again can not be recycled.
- Coal and oil have high sulfur content will burn polluting coal truong.Trong the husk when it does not contain sulfur.
- Coal quality husk stability, combustion efficiency, and size is ideal for complete combustion.
- Health is more stable combustion than coal and when you want to change the amount of steam in the pot faster thanks to better heat transfer properties of charcoal husk.
- Coal production husks are usually near the center of the materials and no way in the transportation of raw materials from distant places.
Will produce 1kg of rice husk was 0.9 kg coal (ash is 30, 2.78 moisture, heat radiating calor kilo is 5200, not containing sulfur should not polluting the environment). When using just change the blister furnace size is about 4x 4 cm can be used charcoal husk. According to calculations to get a ton saturated steam, if the fuel oil used to cost 35 usd, 25usd is coal, coal dust is 15 usd , while rice husk coal only costs 13 usd (reduced by about 20 - 25%) . Not only are prices cheaper than coal, rice husks and 60%, less fumes when cooking but keep the fire, keep the heat relatively long.

We are a source of abundant raw material can produce stable and long-term supply for large plants. We are committed to providing products of high quality coal and rice husk stability for customers. We look forward to cooperating with domestic and overseas customers, based on cooperation for sustainable development.

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